Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Card for Dan

This is one of the 1st cards I made, that I'm willing to share! I hope that as I add more pictures, you will be able to see a big difference in my card making....I sure hope you will! I made this Valentine card for Dan, from our 3 little furry babies, Buddy, Sadie and Tex.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hi Y'all....my name is Joy and I love creating greeting cards ! I am married to my wonderful husband Dan and we live in the great state of Alabama.I have one son, John Allen.He is the apple of my eye!
I began creating greeting cards when Dan was deployed to Iraq.I wanted to make sure he had a card to open, everyday that he was gone! I started out using Blue Mountian.Com,creating personalized cards, just for Dan.About a year ago, I saw an infomercial for the Cricut machine and knew I just had to have that lil bug!Needless to say, I've been bitten by the Bug! I hope to share my cards here, with you.
I hope you enjoy looking at my art!